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Driving Change through the AstraZeneca Young Health Programme

For many young adults from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, there are substantial barriers to obtaining a driving licence. These include lack of appropriate documentation, limited access to licensing and testing facilities, low levels of literacy, lack of self-esteem, feelings on intimidation, the prohibitive cost of driving lessons and poor access to eligible supervisory driving instructors.

As a result, less than fifty percent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities report having a valid driving licence. Regrettably, every year on Australian roads, three times more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are involved in fatal road crashes compared to the rest of the population.

The AZYHP aims to change this by supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths through the licensing journey. The programme will involve appointing a community based Road Safety Champion to help young people navigate through the licensing system.
How you can Help! 


  1. Start telling your friends about the AZYHP
  2. Nominate a team leader to set up a team page
  3. Sign up as a member of a team and donate to the AZYHP
  4. More information to come about how to get involved with fundraising events throughout the year!
  5. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible. So give generously.

Throughout 2013, you can help support young people in each of the three NSW communities: Redfern, Griffith and Shellharbour. We are seeking support in fundraising for the following items.

  1. Driver Licence Tests and Licence Fees: A very real and practical way you can support the young people in the program is to help them with their test and licensing fees. Individual vouchers are very important and must be earned by attending our education workshops. Your support will contribute toward a young person's licensing fee.
  2. Petrol Vouchers: The high cost of petrol, particularly in rural areas, is another significant barrier to driving. Your gift of petrol vouchers will be offered to those who attend our education workshops on safe driving.
  3. Professional Driving Lessons: Learner drivers in NSW are required to complete 120 hours of driving experience, which may be prohibitive to many young people who do not have a licensed friend or family member who would be able to teach them how to drive. In NSW one professional driving lesson is equivalent to three hours of driving with a non-professional driving instructor, and is applicable up to a maximum of 10 professional driving hours. Many young people cannot afford the cost of professional lessons and your gift will help them reach their required 120 hours.
  4. Community Car: AZ fleet cars have a working life of about 3 years, after which time they are sold at a reduced price. Purchasing a road-ready fleet vehicle for each site would provide a community with shared access to a vehicle to use during the program. Additional benefits include having reliable transport for medical exams and other important appointments.
  5. Car Maintenance Vouchers: Barriers to driving include the high-costs associated with caring for and running a car. Your gift of car maintenance vouchers would ensure cars stay road worthy and in top condition. Items might include quarterly servicing, insurance, car registration etc. As an incentive, the car maintenance vouchers will be offered to those partaking in the education workshops set out by the AZYHP on safe driving. For example, for every three workshops attended, a participant will receive $50 voucher to put toward a vehicle-related expense.
  6. Fees to Access Birth Certificates: You might be surprised to know that one of the obstacles to obtaining a learner drivers licence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is a lack of appropriate documentation such as a birth certificate or different names on documents. By taking away this barrier, you can help them start their licensing journey.
  7. Gift bundle 1 to kick start the journey $106
    • 1 x Fee to access birth certificate $44
    • 1 x L-test $40
    • 1 x Learner driver licence fee $22
  8. Gift bundle 2 to keep moving $135
    • 1 x One hour professional driving lesson $85
    • 1 x Petrol voucher $50