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Compared to the rest of the community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have substantially higher rates of road related deaths and injuries, increased barriers to driver licensing. There is an alarming rate of incarceration in the Aboriginal community due to driving related offences, harming the life chances of thousands of individuals across Australia.


Our programme, which is unique in this area of profound need, is empowering communities to build capacity at the local level to support road safety initiatives for young Aboriginal people. Learn more.

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  • Michael Parker The Gerri and Mike Show $1,501.00
  • Stephan Brennan Stephan's 42km challenge $1,475.16
  • Janice Webb Janice Webb $691.00

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  • Anthony Tuting AstraZeneca iPad Buy Back $31,853.99
  • Michelle Betsarkis YHP Auction $11,026.95
  • Michelle Betsarkis AstraZeneca YHP Page $5,163.55
  • Zoe Tanner Market Access & External Affairs $3,470.06